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KidSPOT has so many great options for your child. At KidSPOT we strive to make sure each child is treated with the proper treatment in order to meet their goals. This ensures that each child is progressing and learning every step of the way.


Therapy Services

KidSPOT offers Therapy Services to children who are in need of speech, Physical, or Occupational Therapy. The child will go through an evaluation to decide which therapies fits their needs the best. We offer outpatient therapy services as well as Early Intervention Day Treatment.


EIDT Program

Early Intervention Day Treatment is a supportive service we offer to children 0-3 years of age with developmental challenges. This service is helpful to get the child ready to take on Kindergarten! Throughout the day children receive  the therapy or therapies they qualify for and also get the experience of being in a classroom setting. 


ABC Program

The Arkansas Better chance  Program is a service that is offered at our Jonesboro Location. The Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) program was created in 1991 to offer high quality early education services to children birth to five exhibiting developmental and socioeconomic risk factors. In 2003, the Arkansas Legislature made a commitment to expand early childhood education to serve low-income three and four-year old children in areas at high risk for academic failure with high quality pre-K services. This expansion, known as Arkansas Better Chance for School Success, has become the state prekindergarten program.

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