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Early Intervention Day Treatment Program

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What is EIDT??

Our Early Intervention Day Treatment (EIDT) program is designed for children who are struggling to meet developmental milestones. Children enrolled in the EIDT program attend our program daily where individualized skills are addressed in a enriched classroom setting. EIDT services are available for children 0-5 years old. In the Summer, KidSPOT offers EIDT services for school aged children on a case to case basis. EIDT services are offered at all of our KidSPOT locations. 


In order to receive EIDT services, a child must:

  • get Medicaid

  • have a documented developmental disability or delay, as shown on the results of an annual comprehensive developmental evaluation that shows:

    • For ages 0-36 months, a score of 25% or greater delay in at least two areas: motor, social, cognitive, self-help/adaptive, or communication

    • For ages 3-6, a score of at least two standard deviations below the mean in at least two areas: motor, social, cognitive, self-help/adaptive, or communication on the Battelle Developmental Inventory test (BDI) and 25% or greater delay on the criterion referenced test

    • The same two areas of delay on both the BDI and the criterion referenced test.

  • have a documented need for at least one of the following, as shown on a full evaluation for that service:

    • Physical therapy,

    • Occupational therapy,

    • Speech therapy, or

    • Nursing services

  • have a written prescription from a physician, valid for one year

  • be provided as written in an individual program plan (IPP)

​​Developmental Screenings:

Prior to enrollment in the EIDT program, all potential patients are required to complete an external developmental screen conducted by Optum, an outside provider who is contracted by the state. Screenings are scheduled by our clinic and occur onsite biweekly.

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