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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy ( sometimes referred to as PT) is a type of therapy that helps with a child's ability to move. 

When a child's movement is limited it effects their everyday life and inhibits their ability to perform daily activities. 

At KidSPOT our therapists help to restore a child's gross motor skills with fun activities that keep the child entertained and happy!

PTs help improve gross motor skills - tasks that involve large muscle groups,  by encouraging kids to do things like:

  • Play on large exercise balls to build strength

  • Run/hop around to improve their coordination

  • Balance on a balance beam

  • Stand on one foot

PTs can help with many issues, including:

  • Not hitting the milestones for their age

  • Genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome

  •  Delays in development, such as a child who should be walking

  • Muscle weakness or imbalances

  • Poor coordination and/or motor planning – which is the ability to think of and carry out a motor act, such as writing with a pencil

  • Nerve/muscle conditions, such as cerebral palsy

  • Recovery from sports- and non-sports-related injuries

If your child needs physical therapy, they’ll work with a pediatric physical therapist (PT). Typically, pediatric PTs treat kids under 18, from newborns to teenagers. They see children for a variety of different reasons, including bone/muscle issues, sports-related injuries, or genetic, brain, spine, or nerve disorders.

During an initial visit, a PT will check your child’s strength, development, and see how easily they can stand, walk, and complete tasks appropriate for their age to see if there is a delay. If there is a delay, they also determine the degree and potential cause of the delay. From there, a PT will work with you and your child to figure out a treatment plan. 

KidSPOT provides PT services in a variety of locations including our outpatient gyms, classrooms, homes, and preschools. In addition, KidSPOT provides school based physical therapy services at the following districts:

  • Westside

  • Brookland

What is Physical Therapy? 

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