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ABC Program

Jonesboro & Marion

KidSPOT Jonesboro and KidSPOT Marion offers the Arkansas Better Chance School for Success program (ABC).

This Program is for our Pre-K aged children.

If a child is 6 years of age and is not ready 

to take on Kindergarten, the school district 

must provide us with a waiver in order for 

KidSPOT to start the enrollment process.

  • What is the ABC Prgram??

Arkansas Better Chance for School Success is a high-quality pre-kindergarten program funded by the Arkansas Department of Education and administered by the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education. The ABC program is for our preschool aged children. Eligibility for the ABC program is based off of many different factors including income, education level of the parent, and other environmental factors. 

  • How do I enroll??

First the parent or the gaurdian must fill out our ABC application. This application is listed under the resources tab. The parent or gaurdian will need to provide the following documents: The childs birth certificate or hospital records, the child's social security card, the child's immunization record, copy of the child's latest wellness exam, a copy of child's insurance card,  and Proof of Income from the last 30 days.  If you have any questions about Jonesboro enrollment please contact Mrs. Katie Jardeen at  870-974-9114. If you have any questions about Marion enrollment please contact Amy Rottinghaus at 870-629-6072.

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